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Join GetDocPlus, a healthcare benefit where you pay corporate rates at panel clinics for consultation or treatment. Whether it’s a GP or specialist consultation, a dental or health screening session, you pay members-only corporate rates for the listed services. We make sure that your healthcare needs are well taken care of. Sign up to be a member at RM36 per year.

GetDocPlus Member Services

GetDocPlus range of services at corporate rates, providing you with a better healthcare experience.

More Affordable Clinic Fees

You no longer pay walk-in rates when you consult a doctor.

Ease of Use

Use GetDoc App to search for Panel clinics. Scan QR Code and download the App free on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Show in-App e-card at the clinic.

Range of Services

Choose from continuously expanding GetDocPlus panel of clinics, whether it’s a medical necessity, a dental emergency or any other healthcare needs.

Book On-the-Go

Simply use the GetDoc App to make an appointment according to your preferred date and time. Anywhere. Anytime.

Steps to Find GetDocPlus Panel Clinics

Cost Effective Healthcare at a Glance

GetDocPlus members enjoy members-only rates.
Fees listed exclude medication.

GP/Family Doctor

Click "Learn More" to view rates on GP/Family Doctor services

Medical Specialist

Click "Learn More" to view rates on Medical Specialist services


Click "Learn More" to view rates on Dental services


Click "Learn More" to view rates on Aesthetic services

Who should sign up for GetDocPlus?

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For yourself, family and friends
For Company employees as company welfare. Please contact BD for further details. Email us at Care Team or call us at +603 2771 8586


1. Where do I view clinics who are in the GetDocPlus panel?

  1. GetDocPlus panel of clinics are searchable through GetDoc App or Website.
  2. From the main page or "Find Doctor", select "Show More Options".
  3. Look for "Panel", select "GetDocPlus" and search
  4. Clinics in the GetDocPlus panel are identified with the blue flag

2. Where can I view GetDocPlus rates offered by clinics?

  1. Select a clinic/ practitioner from the GetDocPlus panel and click on it.
  2. You will be able to view GetDocPlus Rates offered by that clinic/ practitioner.

3. Who is the "User"?

  1. "Users" refers to yourself, family members, friends or employees who are members of GetDocPlus.

4. What happens after I have signed up for GetDocPlus and completed payment?

  1. You will receive an email with a login ID and password to sign in to your GetDocPlus account.
  2. If you do not see the email, please check your spam mailbox.
  3. For better user experience, it is recommended that you use a computer to sign-in to your account.
  4. Upon signing in, you may add the information/particulars of those (or users) whom you've subscribed for GetDocPlus.

5. Will I receive a GetDocPlus card after I have paid for the membership?

  1. You will receive an email with a login ID and password to sign in to your GetDocPlus account.
  2. The GetDocPlus card is not a physical card. It is an e-card that resides in your mobile phone.
  3. You can view your GetDocPlus card after you have downloaded the GetDoc App and login.
  4. The GetDocPlus icon will appear on the top, right side of the main screen. Tap on it to view your card.

6. If I wish to subscribe to GetDocPlus for my family members, friends or employees. How will they be notified?

  1. You will receive an email from GetDocPlus to login to your GetDocPlus account.
  2. Follow the directions to "Add, Amend or Suspend User".
  3. Select "Add New" and add the details of your family member, friend or employee. Click "Submit" to save.
  4. GetDocPlus will send an Invitation email to the family member, friend or employee to inform them to download the GetDoc App on their mobile phone and login to receive their GetDocPlus card.

7. If I wish to subscribe to GetDocPlus for my child, helper or elderly family member and they do not own smart phones, will they receive a physical GetDocPlus card?

  1. There is no physical card for GetDocPlus. GetDocPlus cards for dependants (child/helper/elderly family member) resides in the mobile phone of their subscriber.
  2. Follow the directions given in the email from GetDocPlus to login to GetDocPlus console and add dependants.

8. What are the Terms and Conditions for the use of GetDocPlus?

Terms & Conditions (Between Provider & Subscriber):
  1. GetDocPlus rates are only applicable at GetDocPlus panel of clinics or healthcare providers.
  2. Services and rates quoted are inclusive of SST, unless otherwise stated
  3. All services are on Cash Terms to be paid directly to the clinic/practitioner.
  4. A valid In-App GetDocPlus membership e-card is to be presented upon registration at the clinic/practitioner’s facility, before the commencement of consultation or treatment.
  5. The GetDocPlus membership card is non-transferable.
  6. When making an appointment with a clinic/practitioner, GetDocPlus members are to inform the clinic/practitioner that they are a GetDocPlus member entitled to GetDocPlus rates.
  7. Unless otherwise indicated, GetDocPlus consultation rates excludes medication, laboratory services, diagnostic investigations and additional treatment.
  8. No refund will be given for unutilised items in health screening packages or any other healthcare packages.
  9. Listed services are not applicable with other corporate programmes or other benefit programmes.
  10. GetDocPlus rates and terms are subject to change without prior notice.

9. How do I identify myself as a GetDocPlus member at the clinics?

  1. Download the GetDoc App in your mobile phone and sign-in with your email and password.
  2. You will see a GetDocPlus icon on the top, right corner of the main screen.
  3. Tap on the icon to view your GetDocPlus e-Card.
  4. Show the card to the clinic staff upon registration at the clinic (before commencement of treatment) and before payment.
  5. When making an appointment for consultation, please inform the clinic staff that you will be using your GetDocPlus card.

10. How do I make an appointment with a clinic or doctor?

  1. Login to GetDoc and select the clinic you wish to make an appointment with.
  2. Click on the "BOOK" tab. Select your preferred Date and Time from the available slots.
  3. Alternatively, you can call the clinic for an appointment. Remember to inform the clinic that you are a GetDocPlus member.

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