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We Help You Save On Healthcare

GetDocPlus is a subscription-based healthcare benefit where individuals pay concessionary consultation rates at panel clinics. Whether it's a GP or Specialist consultation, or a Dental or Health Screening session, GetDocPlus subscribers no longer pay walk-in rates. At an annual subscription of just $12 per person, we make sure that your healthcare needs are well taken care of.

Subscription Value

GetDocPlus offers a range of benefits that would not only help you save money but also provide you with a better healthcare experience

Savings on Clinic Fees

You pay special concessionary rates for consultation (excluding medication) instead of public rates.

Ease of Use

You can easily search for Panel clinics with the App, and just flash your e-Card. Download the app free on Google Play or App Store.

Range of Services

With continuous expansion of the Panel, you have wider options, whether it's a medical necessity or a dental emergency, or other healthcare needs.

Book On-the-Go

Simply use the GetDoc App to make an appointment according to your preferred date and time. Anywhere. Anytime.

Steps to Find GetDocPlus Panel Clinics

Healthcare Savings at a Glance

Below are some of the preferential rates that you get with panel clinics when you are a GetDocPlus member

GP/Family Doctor

S$15 consultation fee for short consultation during office hours, excluding medication (Usual fees are S$25 or higher).

Health Screening

Health Screening packages to suit your needs.

Medical Specialist

Consultation fees are 10% - 15% lower (excluding medication)

Dental Care

Dental check, cleaning, scaling and polishing at S$80. Other dental treatments, 10% to 15% lower.

Allied Healthcare

Various lower fees apply to Chiropractic, Optometry, Physiotherapy and TCM consultations.


Who should sign up for GetDocPlus?

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For yourself, family and friends
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For employees as company welfare
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For students


1. Is there a limit to the number of times I can consult the same doctor at member rates?

There is no limit. Member rates will apply at every visit.

2. Is there a standard concessionary rate for additional services from all medical providers or it varies?

For additional services, the concessionary rate may vary according to each medical provider. But member rates will be applied as communicated.

3. What happens if my family wishes to unsubscribe from the GetDocPlus service and transfer their membership to another person?

There is no refund and GetDocPlus subscription is non-transferable.

4. Can I make an Appointment with a clinic or doctor over the phone?

Yes, you can make an Appointment with a clinic or doctor over the phone. Please inform them that you are a GetDocPlus member.

5. How do I identify myself as a GetDocPlus member at the clinic?

Look for this logo on your GetDoc App

Click on the logo and it will show you your GetDocPlus membership E-Card.

Show the E-Card to the clinic staff upon registration and payment.

6. How do I pay for my visit at the clinic?

Please pay all medical bills directly to the clinic.

7. How do I know if a particular clinic is on the GetDocPlus panel?

GetDocPlus clinics are searchable on GetDoc.

From the main page, select “SHOW MORE OPTIONS”, then “Panel”.

Select “GetDocPlus” and search for the doctor or clinic.

Each GetDocPlus clinic is identified with a blue flag .

8. Is there an overview of members’ concessionary rates for medical services?

Yes, click here to view members’ rates.

9. Where can I view the list of clinics on GetDocPlus?

GetDocPlus clinics are searchable on GetDoc.

From the main page, select “SHOW MORE OPTIONS”, then “Panel”.

Select “GetDocPlus” and search for the doctor or clinic.

Each GetDocPlus clinic is identified with a blue flag .

10. Can I share my GetDocPlus membership with another family member or friend?

GetDocPlus privileges are only applicable to members who subscribed to the service and is non-transferable.

11. What happens after I have made payment for GetDocPlus subscription?

You will receive an email with a login ID and password to sign in to your GetDocPlus account.
For better user experience, please use a computer to sign in to your account.

Upon signing in, select Users on the left sidebar on your screen.

Choose ADD NEW on the top right corner of your screen.

12. If I have purchased GetDocPlus subscription for my family members, how will they be notified?

After you have signed-in to your GetDocPlus account and added "User” details, GetDocPlus will send an email to inform them to download the GetDoc app on their mobile phones and sign-in to access their medical eCard through the app.

13. After I have purchased GetDocPlus for my dependents (children/elderly), where can I view their GetDocPlus medical eCard?

Dependents’ medical eCard are tied to the GetDocPlus account admin (or main subscriber), and their eCard can be accessed when the admin log in to the GetDoc App.

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